Aspekt works under planned and defined implementation processes and procedures.

Aspekt Implementation Methodology incorporates Best Practices and benchmarks of successful project implementations in similar industries, by following the goal to improve customer product experience.

Aspekt Implementation Methodology:

Aspekt Change Management Methodology
Aspekt Training Methodology
Aspekt Support Management Methodology
Aspekt Quality Assurance Methodology
  • Aspekt Change Management Methodology

  • Aspekt Training Methodology

  • Aspekt Support Management Methodology

  • Aspekt Quality Assurance Methodology

Aspekt Implementation Methodology Approaches:

  • Standardized Implementation Approach

  • Constant measurement and enhancement of process performance

  • Systematic Project Monitoring

  • Cohesive Consistent Project Phases

  • Adaptable Project Time Management per project complexity

  • Tracking Management System

Aspekt Implementation Methodology Phases:

Requirement Analyses
Product Design & Optimization
Development, Customization & Adoption
Deployment & Testing
Data Migration & Testing
System Testing
Final Testing
User Acceptance
  • Requirement Analyses

  • Product Design & Optimisation

  • Development, Customization & Adoption

  • Deployment & Testing

  • Data Migration & Testing

  • System Testing

  • Training

  • Final Testing

  • User Acceptance

Aspekt Implementation Methodology Principles:

  • Never exceeds agreed budget

  • Always within planned time frame

  • Milestone and deliverable oriented project plans

  • Optimal communication channels per project phases

  • Preference on written communication and correspondence

  • Mitigation of risk impact per project phases

Aspekt Implementation Methodology Main Goals per Phases:

  • Requirement Analyses
    • Applying of Aspekt knowledge base in client’s internal processes
    • Understanding complete client requirements and aligning them with the solution
    • Review of AS-IS processes and preparation of plan for further Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  • Product Design & Optimisation
    • Definition of complete product design for complete adaptation according to client requirements
    • Risk elimination of product design failures in advanced project phases
    • Preparation of technical documentation explaining in detail TO-BE product processes
  • Development and Customization
    • Adaptation and integration of TO-BE product features
    • Elimination of ongoing gaps in business processes
  • System Testing
    • Effective fine tuning of all functionalities and elimination of bugs and errors, based on predefined assessment criteria
    • Successful testing which confirms that the requirements from the Functional Specification Document are completely met
  • Data Migration & Testing
    • Data transfer with 0% data loss and risk elimination of historic data inconsistencies
    • Release Product Version (Final Beta Product Release + Migrated Historic Data)
  • Deployment & Testing
    • Product installation in all branch offices
    • Risk elimination of system failure and product performance
    • Conduct tests to ensure product performance consistency on all remote location
    • Using variety of testing methods to demonstrate positive quantitative and qualitative outcomes of developed functionalities
  • Training
    • Transfer of skills and knowledge to all end users
    • Conducting structured training programs based on user responsibilities and organizational functions
  • Final Testing
    • Assuring product integrity and performance quality with Parallel Work
    • Shorten software transition period
  • User Acceptance
    • Confirmation of successful system consistency from functional, system and software requirement perspective
    • Signed acceptance protocols and announced live stage
clients say
  • "It's an outstanding system. Having a full overview and control over the branch operations in due time is a huge advantage when corrective actions should take place. Before ASPEKT, it was difficult and lot of effort was invested, to analyze the performance and make conclusions that will lead to improving business processes." - Credit Director
  • "Before ASPEKT, I had to remember all loan conditions, criteria and other rules and I was continuously under pressure not to make any errors. I felt a huge relief when ASPEKT system was introduced, everything is now predefined: amount limitations, interest rates, provisions, etc., even the loan contract templates are automatically generated so no additional double-checking is needed." - Loan Officer
  • "With Aspekt Microfinance Software, we have complete control over the corporate portfolio. Our active portfolio is monitored accurately and we are able to make future assumptions based on historic data, making precise risk assessment." - Risk Manager
  • "Aspekt Microfinance Software helped me better manage my time. When I start in the morning, I can make a quick review for: status of open loan applications, loan disbursements, clients with payments due for the day, new loan in arrears, portfolio outstanding, etc. Everything can be found from one location, so I can efficiently prioritize daily tasks and coordinate other activities with my colleagues." - Loan Officer
  • "Administering one system, from one central location saved time, improved the control and security mechanisms of our IT Department. I’m more than glad to recommend this highly flexible solution to other companies." - System Administrator
  • "With the integrated functionalities and controlling procedures in Aspekt Microfinance Software, we could easily locate a breach of procedures and prevent frauds. The solution is adjusted to detect errors and inappropriate transactions." - Risk Manager
  • "Before ASPEKT, I couldn't monitor neither review my performance. I waited for my Branch Manager to receive reports from head office, to find out about exact number and amount of outstanding loans, PAR and delinquency, drop-outs etc. Now with Aspekt Microfinance Software, I can even predict my performance in near future." - Loan Officer
  • "Before ASPEKT, the field audit in a single branch could last for 4-5 days. Now, with ASPEKT I can do most of the preparation work in my office and be more efficient on the field." - Internal Audit
  • "I can't imagine that all client's information and records are at one place. Before ASPEKT it was extremely difficult to check the credit history of returned clients, and we could make mistakes and approve loans even to rejected clients. With ASPEKT we can also review the repayment history of clients coming from other branches." - Loan Officer
  • "Before ASPEKT, we didn't have reliable information to assess performance. We were overburden with forms and excel spreadsheets and no information on how other branches perform." - Branch Manager
  • "With Aspekt Microfinance Software we can efficiently and accurately control all cash transactions. Borrower's cash receipts are printed from the system only when payment transactions are entered by Loan Officers. This prevents from handing over the cash outside of branches." - Internal Audit
  • "I'm happy now that Loan Officers I'm supervising can spend much more time on a field with clients. Before ASPEKT, the manual administrative work occupied so much of their time so that they were unable to recruit new borrowers and reach the projected growth." - Branch Manager
  • "Once ASPEKT was introduced, our efficiency increased, allowing our MFI to grow by 50% with current human resources. Aspekt Microfinance Software contributes on replacing the manual and routine tasks, so that staff can spent more time on innovations and development." - CEO
  • "ASPEKT is not just a simple loan tracking software. I used to travel in every branch once per month to monitor and appraise each branch performance. Now, I can monitor the progress and identify weaknesses from distance." - Credit Director
  • "With this vendor, we didn’t receive just a system sophisticated to be administered independently from the vendor, we also got entire team that supports us in any situation and is more than happy to help us continuously improve our operations." - System Administrator
  • "Aspekt Microfinance Software as one integrated solution offers full coverage of MFI's business process. It's an excellent management tool that improves decision-making processes. The flexibility and adoptability perfectly match the dynamic environment in which our MFI operates." - CEO
  • "With the centralization of the data we got smart system that streamlines all financial activities we perform on a daily basis. Payment transactions are automatically posted in general ledger and our department is able to perform complex financial analysis, using customized financial reports." - Accounting Officer
  • "Aspekt Microfinance Software is very flexible and managed to fully incorporate our internal risk management policies and procedures. I can generate customized reports on clients and loan portfolio and closely monitor and analyze the credit risk before and after disbursements. The information from the system is the baseline for any improvements on risk policies and procedures I have recommended." - Risk Manager