Case Studies

Increased operational scope & sustainability

Client 1 increased the scope of operations drastically, while working on Aspekt Microfinance Software.

This CLIENT is registered as MFI NGO and offers micro loans and financial opportunities to vulnerable social layers and SME businesses, with accent on female population and members of socially excluded and marginalized groups.

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Process automation & workflow optimization

Client 2 integrated all decentralized operations on one place, optimizing resources, while working on Aspekt Microfinance Software.

This CLIENT is a microfinance company and serves micro and SME business clients affected by political conflicts and severe destruction consequences. The CLIENT operates long years and has a mission to improve living conditions for vulnerable categories of citizens, by providing sustainable access to financial services for micro-enterprises and small enterprises.

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Process centralization & increased productivity

Client 3 aligned real business processes & calculations and adapted Aspekt Microfinance Software to corporate operations.

This CLIENT is registered as Financial Development Company, with operations initially established in 2009 and since then succeeded to become one of the biggest microfinance institutions in the country of origin, helping the development of the local economy, by supporting SMEs and micro-businesses with initial investment and financial help.

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Automated & centralized data gathering

Client 4 managed to adapt to strict regulatory requirements with use of the technological advantages of Aspekt Microfinance Software.

This CLIENT is a Microfinance Institution, established in October 2007 with a mission to provide micro loans for small business development and housing i.e. to offer financial resources to entrepreneurs, who are not eligible for traditional bank loans, as a result of their small size businesses and also to influence the society with financial help for socially vulnerable categories by offering housing micro loans.

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Increased business volume & multientity option

Client 5 managed to integrare multiple systems and incorporate multientity option on one place, while working with Aspekt Microfinance Software.

This CLIENT is a non-profit microcredit organization, established in 1996 and works with the mission to reduce economic causes of poverty in the origin country. The CLIENT provides financial services and technical support to borrowers with no access to bank services and businesses willing to create new jobs.

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Structured data and streamlined business processes

Client 6 with implementation of Aspekt Microfinance Software received a high quality complex system that scopes all business operations and follow the future organizational goal.

This CLIENT is a microfinance institution, established in 2009 with main business purpose to provide financial support and microloans to vulnerable social layers and to encourage development of small businesses in rural areas.

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